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Flexible Dieting

February 4th, 2021 No comments
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Flexible Dieting.

Flexible Dieting enables you to have more freedom with your nutrition when trying to achieve a fat loss goal. We recommend making smart food choices and consuming foods with a high nutritional value, however flexible dieting allows you to still enjoy the foods you love too! ? Put the most important elements first! 1 – CALORIES. The most important part of flexible dieting is hitting your calorie goal so you’re in a calorie deficit. If you consume too many calories you won’t lose weight (even “healthy foods” have calories in them, that’s why it’s highly recommended you track your calories to make sure you aren’t eating too much) 2- MACROS. After hitting your calorie goal it’s important to review your macronutrients to make sure you are fuelling your body with goodness! Each nutrient has different benefits therefore a good balance is needed for optimal results. Summary: Flexible dieting allows you to consume a healthy balance of foods without having to cut anything out of your diet. You’ll need to know how many calories you need to consume a day, and your macro goals. We are here to help you with that!