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Let’s talk alcohol

May 28th, 2021 No comments
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Let’s Talk Alcohol.

Do you know many calories are in the alcohol you drink? Here’s a list of some alcoholic beverages and the calorie content per pint, bottle, and glass.

Pint: Fosters = 205 calories Guinness = 210 calories Strongbow = 187 calories Stella = 227 calories Green King IPA = 225 calories Bottle: Corona Light = 99 calories Bud Light = 82 calories Kopparberg = 240 calories Coors Light = 82 calories Budweiser = 145 calories Per 250ml glass: (Calories will vary depending on brand) Red wine = 190 calories White wine = 188 calories Medium rosé = 198 calories Gin and Tonic = 161 calories Martini = 215 calories

As you can see alcohol varies in calories depending on the contents and brand. Make sure you are making smart food and drink choices and consuming alcohol in moderation. If you are trying to lose weight consider switching your high-calorie alcohol for something with fewer calories, by doing this it will help you create a calorie deficit and you’ll see greater results.​