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Supplement advice: Vitamin C

May 28th, 2021 No comments
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Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is an essential Vitamin, your body can’t produce it however it’s found in some vegetables and fruits.

Including – Strawberry’s – Potatoes – Broccoli – Oranges – Lemons – Sprouts – Blackcurrant – Peppers And more.

It is recommended that females have 75mg of Vitamin C a day and males have 90mg. If you can get your Vitamins from foods it is highly recommended however If you are thinking about taking supplements, here are some benefits. – Helps keep your skin healthy, bones healthy, and blood cells and cartilage healthy. – Helps with wound healing – Boosts immune system. – Keeps cells healthy. – Helps absorb iron – Energy production benefits and collagen production. – Can reduce the risk of some diseases. Vitamin C is an important vitamin so make sure you’re getting enough of it daily!

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