Patrick at My Online Fitness is a great personal trainer. I used to hate going to the gym as I found it boring and more of a chore. He made the process very enjoyable and inspiring by making sensible yet engaging training plans using his knowledge and skillset. He is very considerate and made me go the extra mile without punishing me too much. He excels not only as a trainer but also as a great friend. One of the best things, I have done for myself.

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Dr Ram Vundavalli

I approached My Online Fitness to help me with my weight loss goal. I had a baby 2 years prior and have never felt comfortable in my skin since. I needed someone that was understanding and motivating. They customised a plan specifically for what I wanted to achieve and I haven't looked back. The best thing about the plan was that I could still eat what I wanted just in moderation. In just 8 weeks I have lost a stone in weight and feel healthy and physically amazing. I am super happy already and know that I will be able to continue to lose the remaining weight with the support from the team at My Online Fitness.

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Brett-Yasmin Boucher

My Online Fitness has been such a help to me during lockdown. They have trained me online enabling me to be fit for my hip operation and ensuring I could recover as fast as possible. The sessions are always upbeat and fun. I never feel embarrassed or pushed to do something I don't want to do. The team has a great skill in knowing what you are capable of and helping you achieve your goals. I enjoy every session and we have a lot of fun and laughs. I would recommend My Online Fitness to anyone regardless of your age, weight, or fitness level.

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Fiona Foster

After lockdown, I was feeling very insecure after having put weight on around my belly and back area, since joining My Online Fitness I have become a lot more confident in my body again, the team have helped me understand how I can still enjoy my favourite foods but in a way that also helps me get my body to the shape I want! They are very knowledgeable and helpful! I'm very grateful and would recommend it to anyone!

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Danielle Solly

Patrick always comes up with varied sessions irrespective of whether they are in the gym, my garden, or a nearby field! he always pushes me to do more than I would have bothered to do on my own and is very quick to adapt the session if there is an issue performing an exercise.

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Rob Jones

My partner and I have been seeing Patrick at My Online Fitness for private Live Online Personal Training sessions and diet guidance since January 2021. Patrick has always been polite, encouraging and friendly. He's kept us on track without making us feel that we're wrong for enjoying a weekend with friends. Between us, we have now lost 55 pounds and without him, we definitely would not have achieved this. Patrick has always answered any and all questions and concerns without being condescending or rude and has tailored the sessions to fit our wants and needs. We would recommend My Online Fitness to any of our friends and family.

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Caroline Elizabeth

It was really fun and a good workout. We were surprised how much Patrick got into one session and how much we sweated. He was really friendly and informative, always happy to help and provide different exercises to accommodate all our fitness levels. It was good that we didn't have to keep our camera on too so no one else could see us. We would highly recommend Patrick.


The team at My Online Fitness have been amazing. They have been nothing but supportive, motivating and accommodating. I finally feel like I am on the right path to achieving my fitness goals. Training online means I can schedule the sessions around my day and workout in the comfort of my home. I would highly recommend My Online Fitness to everyone. Thanks Team!

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Greg Hoyle